Bocce Rules


  1. All teams consist of four players.
  2. Referee flips a coin, winner of flip decides color of ball, and which team goes first.
  3. First team to reach 12 points wins.
  4. No substitutions, once the game begins, you must finish with your original four players or forfelt.
  5. Teams with the same sponsor are not to compete against each other on 1st. round ONLY.


  1. Two members of each team, play at opposite ends of the field for the full game.
  2. Each team member must throw two balls when play is on their side.
  3. The PALLINO must stop between the centerline and the line closest to the far baseboard.
  4. Throw lines:
    1st line - Lagline; ball thrown.
    2nd line - Spada; ball thrown fast.
    3rd line - air bourne ball; ball must travel past the center line in the air.
  5. Players must not follow the bocce down the field after the toss. They must stay within the designated toss area. ONE WARNING ONLY.
  6. After one warning per game for any rule violation, a team will forfeit the game at the referee's discretion.
  7. After the referee calls a point, a team will have one minute to throw the next boccia or their boccia will be declared dead.
  8. Coaching will not be permitted by players standing in field by the far baseboard. ONE WARNING ONLY.
  9. Banking is allowed.
  10. Bocce hitting the far base board without hitting another boccia or that does not travel halfway on the field, are considered dead and will be removed from the field.
  11. The referee is responsible for all measurements determining points awarded and making the points.
  12. The referee has the authority to disquaiify any team that ignores the rules.
  13. The referee's word is final.
  14. When a team is called, they have 10 minutes to get on the court, otherwise they forfeit the game.

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