What is Bocce

    Bocce is a competitive game of skill. It sharpens the reflexes and judgement and stimulates good fellowship among players. It is played by young and old alike. It is very popular throughout the United States among Italian Americans who compose its greatest advocates and best players.

    The purpose of the game is to roll the bocce, a 4 inch ball weighing about three pounds, as close as possible to the pallino, a 1 inch ball which is rolled down the alley first. The bocce coming closest to the pallino scores. Twelve points constitute a game.

    The game requires: good judgement of distance, the ability to size up a situation immediately, a good eye to spot contours and rough spots in the alley, and the proper psychological frame of mind.

    Bocce fans claim the game helps improve their bowling, golf and shuffleboard because it has many features of these games in it. There is no age limit for the Bocce players. Many elderly citizens play the game for relaxation and exercise.

    For many Italian Americans, Bocce is a nostalgic glimpse of the "old Country." It brings to their minds a reminder of the proud Italian heritage of which they are a part. It's a brief glance at "The Glory that was Rome."


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