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Picture Credit - Thom LaCosta

    Bocce, a long term fixture in Little Italy, offers residents and visitors an enjoyable way to share not only the game, but also comradeship and a sense of community. The Bocce-based bonds are so strong that players and their families come from as far as Delaware on a weekly basis to participate and observe tournament play and renew their ties to the rich heritage of the neighborhood.

    Prior to 1993, the courts were located near the present Inner Harbor. They were removed to accomodate development in the area. The City of Baltimore then allowed the courts to be rebuilt in D'Alesandro Park in the heart of Little Italy.

Park Plaque
Picture Credit - Mario Pagnoni
Bocce Courts at night
Picture Credit - Mario Pagnoni

    A visitor from Boston, Mario Pagnoni who wrote "The Joy of Bocce", described the courts - "These two beautiful bocce courts are in the Little Italy section of Baltimore, Maryland. They are 80' by 13' and topped with a very fine, light gray stone dust. The courts play "fast" and are a terrific draw for local restaurants and other businesses. Bocce is largely a night-time activity in these parts. The well-lighted courts start to fill up with players and spectators right after dinner-time. I watched a spirited game with 12 players - 6 on each team. Three teammates were stationed at each end and 12 balls were used - two for each player."

    Is Bocce like Golf? Tennis? Bowling? Find out more about this delightful sport.

    Bocce Players around the world play by "The Rules"....but there may be as many sets as there are courts. Most are based on international rules, but as a guide, you use the rules of the host. Baltimore players use these rules.

    Bocce is NOT a modern invention, or one born from tehnology. The history is deep rooted in ancient times

    Join us at the Little Italy Bocce Courts. We welcome residents, visitors and guest players.
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